Lab members - present and past

University of Bristol

Postdoc (present)

Long-term visitor

  • 09/2018-03/2019: Shun Kodate(小舘俊)
    (PhD student at Tohoku University, Japan; visit funded by Graduate Program in Data Science, Tohoku University; 東北大学)

    PhD student
    (Only the students I supervise effectively as the first or co-first supervisor are listed here. For the complete list including second and third supervisions, please see my full CV available at a tab to the left.)

    • 01/2018-present: Elohim Fonseca dos Reis
    • 09/2015-present: Simon Godwin (co-supervised with Lucia Marucci)

    Postdoc (past)

    PhD in Neural Dynamics, rotation project

    • 01/2019-04/2019: Arthur Spencer (co-supervised with Ela Chakkarapani and Jon Brooks)
    • 05/2018-08/2018: Oscar Davy (co-supervised with Jade Thai)
    • 01/2018-04/2018: Anne-Lene Sax (co-supervised with Elizabeth Coulthard)
    • 01/2016-04/2016: Alfie Wearn (cosupervised with Elizabeth Coulthard and Risto Kauppinen)
    • 05/2015-08/2015: Felicity Inkpen (cosupervised with Risto Kauppinen)

    Master / final year project

    2018/19:Daiying Zhu (MSc)
    Project networks: data analysis and mathematical modelling
    2018/19:Arthur Dodson (MEng)
    Network-based early warning signals for financial markets
    2018/19:Runyi Jing (BEng)
    Network of network scientists
    2017/18:Victor Küpper (MSc)
    Recurrence quantification analysis of recurrence plots with application to MEG data
    2017/18:Longxin Wang (MSc)
    Epidemic dynamics modelling of disease progression in Alzheimer disease
    2017/18: Duncan Cassells (MEng)
    Energy landscape of financial markets
    2016/17: Sophie Landon (MEng)
    Analysis and further development of an agent-based model for nest selection in the ant Temnothorax albipennis
    2016/17: Ryan Stuart (MEng)
    Autistic brain networks
    2016/17: Yiyoung Kim (BEng)
    Immunising networks
    2015/16: Jamie Wright (MEng)
    Network based sports rankings in international football
    2014/15: Bobby East (MEng)
    Network-based ranking systems - An analysis of formula 1 driver ability

    University of Tokyo


    04/2013-02/2014: Takuya Machida
    (funded by Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (PD), JSPS)
    04/2012-10/2012: Ryosuke Nishi
    (funded by Kakenhi, Japan)
    04/2011-03/2012: Jun Nakabayashi
    (funded by Kakenhi, Japan)
    04/2011-03/2012: Etsuo Segawa
    (funded by JST, Presto)
    04/2011-03/2012: Shuhei Furuya
    (funded by Research Fellowships for Young Scientists (PD), JSPS)
    04/2009-03/2011: Yoshimi Yoshino
    (funded by Kakenhi, Japan)
    03/2009-03/2011: Takehisa Hasegawa
    (funded by JST, Presto)

    PhD student

    04/2010-03/2013: Taro Takaguchi
    Mining Temporal Patterns of Communication Behavior in Social Networks
    04/2010-03/2013: Mitsuhiro Nakamura
    Indirect Reciprocity under Imperfect Reputation Sharing