PRO workcamp 98 in Marburg

Location Forest in Marburg. 30 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop, 7km from the Marburg downtown. The last bus is at 8:00 p.m., and Marburg is 100km north of Frankfurt, and is a university town with 80,000. Marburg is famous for Grim brothers, who wrote fairy tales. The town has many slopes preventing easy walking. It was VERY cold during my stay, the temperature often dropping below zero even in the daytime.
Members Germany 2 (double leader), Italy 2, Japan 3, Russia 2, Almenia 1, Bulgaria 1
Life We lived in a comfortable camp house for 10 persons. Water, shower, gas burners, oven, living room and bedrooms (3 or 4 persons for each room, separated by sex ) were equipped. 10 beds for 11 members.....It was me that slept on trampoline... my body sank into the trampoline.
Work Gathering up leaves, dumping them in the forest, cleaning camping car and garage, building up tents. The work began at 8 and lasted for 4 or 5 hours. The whole afternoon and evening are freetime.
Foods International shift system for lunch and dinner. German-Mon, Italian-Tue, Japanese-Wed, East European and Russian-Thu,Fri. Sereal and bread for breakfast. Sweets and bread were abundant. The Bulgarian girl was silently eating 5 meals a day.
Marburg viewed from the caslte
15Sunsightseeing in downtown Murburg
17Tuework, sightseeing in the town
18Wedwork, disco
19Thuwork, sightseeing in the town
20Friwork, I went to pub with some members
21Sattrip to Koln
23Monwork, went to pub
26Thuwork, visited Giessen by train, disco
27Friwork, last dinner at pizzeria
28Satbreaking up with tears (just joking)


Mar 18 (Wed)

We, Japanese team, cooked Japanese food. Nikujaga, miso-soup, fried fish etc. Nikujaga was popular to them. Russians couldn't drink miso-soup. We went to disco at night. It was actually my debut to disco. One hour walk from the camp. In Germany, disco is a normal passtime, like Karaoke in Japan.

Mar 21 (Sat)

Visit to K o ö ln. The big church and Chocolate Museum were great. The exhibition at Chocolate Museum includes the history of chocolate, how to make, what kinds there are, and regional distribution. we could even try sample chocolate. Cute! We, eleven people, stayed at the house of a leader. Although it's so large for one person and K o ö ln is a big modern city, the house rent is only 30,000yen/month. Disco drove us totally crazy. This weekend trip was defined to be an 'official' event, so PRO paid everything including train fee, food and disco. Chocolate Museum in K o ö ln Snowfall, late in March

Mar 23 (Mon)

Awfully cold. Because my bed (=trampoline) is at the windowside?? I opened the window to find ... SNOW! Thanks to snow, we were free from leaves that day, and instead, we worked inside. In the afternoon, I ran to the station (7 kilometers) to enjoy freetime. Some of us visited a pub with live music show. Chique.

Mar 24 (Tue)

The German leaders and the Almenian member had a quarrel. The almenian compained about the monotonous work and strong authority of the leaders; difficult dispute. However, the worst accident happened in the night. I got up in the night. °÷(bathroom...)°◊.GAMM!!!! °÷Uuu,Uuu°◊I hit the thumb of left foot against the bed. blood! blood! The wound cursed me during my travel after the workcamp. During meal

Personal Activities

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